The weekly diary of a minister’s kid

I was born into a home where ministry and chasing Jesus was the number one goal.  The week began with Mom and dad following up on those who had been ministered to during the Sunday service and needed further support and one to one counselling. So once they were back from their day jobs, they would either hold a meeting at home or be away for ministry for the evening. If they met at home, I knew I could not access the television or the radio. I was confined in my room.

A diary in the beach sand with a flower

Tuesday would be a leaders meeting usually in church. This was perfect as I would have all the time to myself. I could binge watch on cartoon network and Nickelodeon.  Other channels were password protected, thanks to dad. In fact even if l knew the password l would not dare watch anything l was not allowed to because l knew he would find out.  He was able to trace back everything that I had watched, he still does. I am not sure whether his IT skills or spirituality, were the driving force, he knew it all.

Wednesday was definitely exciting for me as I would see some of my friends over Bible study or Home group as we called it. It would start of well with us paying attention but we quickly lost focus and found ourselves some corner to playing.  We were just kids.   My best friend used to think he would be some rock scientist and all he could say where these numbers and facts of things I didn’t understand. I was interested in knowing who he had a crush on. Never the less we bonded and still friends 20 odd years down the line.

Thursday I had my parents at home which was alright until it was time to watch a football game.  As long as it was a   Manchester United game, everything had to give in or be at a stand still. Manchester United was everything.  I automatically became a Manchester United supporter although l did not understand most of the rules except for scoring and how to avoid a red card.  Outside prayer, bible study and teen meetings, this was my way of bonding with my father. I did not enjoy football but I loved spending time with him.  Just seeing his face radiate with joy after his team scored a goal meant everything to me. He would pass a comment and I would say exactly the same thing knowing his   response. It was joy spending time with him away from church and everyone else.

Mom on the other hand enjoyed her long praying sessions.  She would extend an invitation for me to join her in prayer. I guess using the word invitation is polite, it was more of “Let’s go for prayer”. I had mixed emotions about my Thursdays. I would do anything to bond with my parents.

Sitting through football was easy as I could walk away when ever l wanted.  However, with prayer it was not that easy. I wore my serious spiritual face as this was bonding time with mother but deep within l was not up to it.   Yes, you know when your mother is ready for spiritual warfare but you are not!  My mind was on the next “Generations” series.  So at times I would join her but a few minutes into prayer l started wandering off in thoughts.  Sometimes l would make up a story about having lots of home work.

Friday was Music team practice. I have to say that this was by far my favourite adult church activity. I say adult because I went to listen to my parents and team rehearse whilst I got the occasional chance to hold the microphone or sit at the sound desk pretending to understand all the controls. I enjoyed it so much that years later I joined the youth band. The most thrilling part of this evening was the drive through Creamy Inn with either my father or my uncles after the rehearsals.  More so with my uncles.

This was usually followed by dropping people off at their homes. I sat in the car listening to adult conversations.  It was weird but I somehow felt part of it and understood some of their jokes.

Saturday was for doing house chores and entertaining visitors. If l was lucky we would visit family friends who had a bigger house, a bigger yard, a bigger TV screen and definitely delicious food. Kid you not, one of the homes we visited children are allowed to eat chicken drum sticks but not at mine.  In fact it was not common in most homes. For that reason l loved the visits.

Sunday was the big day. It felt as if Monday to Saturday where rehearsal days for Sunday. By far this was the busiest day for my parents. We would be one of first families in church to set up and clean up.  My parents were always leading from the front.  And when church finished, almost always we would be the last one out.  Some Sundays we had family quality time but most of the times we had visitors.

Then the week would start all over again. MT



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