Thank you to our writers

    A year of learning

    It has been a year full of learning and as such when teething problems arise we have gone back to the drawing board to let the lessons sink in. These are the joys of being in a positive team, you get to reinforce each other’s good qualities as well as point out what could be improved.

    At MoniqueToday, however, because we are for the community, our team is as much external as it is those that oversee the daily running of the magazine. Our writers are very much where the magazine begins its life.

    So when we forgot to mention a writer in our last issue, we were kicking ourselves because you give us your life stories and we try to make the highlight of the magazine be about you. With that we would like to acknowledge one of our writers, Nyaradzo Nyenya who we sadly overlooked in our last issue. She was quite understanding about the matter, which has humbled the team and once again reaffirmed why we do what we do. The purpose of MoniqueToday is to let inspiring ladies like Nyaradzo shine and carry their stories to the rest of the world.

    We thank you once again for trusting us with the stories of your lives. Without which there would be no MoniqueToday. May your stories encourage the ladies of tomorrow.

    The MoniqueToday Team


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