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How often have you heard the phrase, “I’ll start when the time is right or when I have enough capital”?

Well you may as well wait till the world comes to an end.

I took the leap of Faith, based on my inner Spirit and my conversation with God. Was everything in place? Not at all!

I had no business plan to attract capital, no marketing plan on how I would advertise my business. Just a gift I knew I had and a thought of monetising it. Let me tell you – it has not been the easiest journey. However, slowly plodding into my third year I find it was the best decision ever.

Best Decision Ever

Managing and setting my own business hours, learning when and what to say yes and most importantly NO to. Learning to charge what I am worth for my services and stepping out of my comfort zone , doing things I never thought I would do (– all legal and authentic I might add), and in all this, even taking time to rest. Yes I have an hour slot of sleep penned into my calendar for days I do need it.

90% of what we FEAR, never happens!
– Author Unknown

Rest and feed the body that works – there is only one!!!

So here is my conclusion – If you don’t start now – when will you? If you never use your God given gifts and talents – what will happen to them on the shelf?

If you never take risks, how will you know the positive ifs and what ifs?

I saw this quote and it always rings in me when fear creeps in, you know that horrid uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach?

Everything you want is on the other side of FEAR.

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