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But when he asks,  he must believe  and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed about by the wind. James  1:6

Every day, we worry constantly about  what we are going to eat, what we are  going to do. We lose so much  sleep it becomes normal for someone to say  “I  cannot sleep,  I  have  something bothering  me”. Yet countless people throughout the  ages  have  acted in faith, going by belief and a hope that something will happen and not worrying about  how God would make it happen.

The Bible has so many stories of individuals who were so completely planted  in their faith that nothing could shake them.

Their faith enabled  them  to hold their heads high though they  came  from weak and  at times, impoverished backgrounds. It enabled them  to rise above  their situations standing forever  written  in history. A look at just two Biblical women reveals  how they  exercised their faith


Hannah  suffered a great deal at the  hands of her  husband’s second wife Peninnah. 1 Samuel  1: 5-7 reflects how her inability to fall pregnant ensured she  suffered verbal and emotional  abuse at the  hands of Peninnah, affecting her so badly that she  could not eat at times! There  were  no miraculous  births occurring at the hands of scientists such as In-vitro Fertilisation  (IVF) in Hannah’s day. Faith was all Hannah  had. She used  her faith to approach God, her faith in God’s ability to relieve her distress was  so absolute that she  was  ready  to have  the child live in God’s house permanently.


Another  woman,  Rahab,  revealed  in herself  so  much  faith  in God despite her profession. A Canaanite prostitute, Rahab lived in Jericho during an interesting time in Biblical history.  Stories preceded the Israelites of how God had rescued them from Egypt and subsequently given lands and peoples into their hands along the way so that by the  time they  got to Jericho, the  entire  city was quaking in fear. And Rahab’s position  on the  city totem pole was low.

Though she  was looked down upon because of her profession, she  had enough faith to believe that God would absolve her of her sins

Even now, prostitution is not a profession that is looked at as one to aspire to. Yet in spite of her profession, Rahab was clever and courageous enough  to realise that Joshua and his men served a God far greater than  any other  and chose to protect them, putting  faith in that they  would stand for her when the  time came  (Joshua 2: 8-13). Though she  was  looked down upon because of her profession, she  had enough  faith to believe that God would absolve  her of her sins and in so doing, found herself  a place in a royal lineage by being the  mother  of Boaz (Matthew 1:5) who was part of the genealogy of Jesus.

These  are just two women whose  exercising  of faith earned them  far greater reward than  we could ever hope to achieve. Yet we fear to put our faith in God and believe Him for our basic requirements.

How much greater the  quality of our lives would be if we could do this one thing.


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