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Learning to Pray – A Journey in Intercession


Monica Manatse has been involved in God’s work since her school uniform days at Scripture Union. She spent a number of years leading the praise and worship ministry, which she linked to her intercession ministry. She has worked with women in different ministries in Zimbabwe and the UK, focusing on practical ways to be diligent women.

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This is not just another book on prayer.

It is the story of a journey in intercession. It is not only brimming with real stories taken from the challenges of modern day living, but also provides the biblical scriptures that underpin the lessons learnt. The emphasis is not on amount of time spent.  It is not about the eloquence, or the emotion in the intensity of prayer. It is about the effectiveness. It is about outcomes.

This book will help deepen your understanding of intercession and provide you with templates that ensure that as you engage in intercession, you are strategic.  It highlights the fact that intercession is a journey in a relationship with God.

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