The Princess In Me

THE PRINCESS IN ME was birthed out of a passion to minister to young girls from 5 -12yrs (kindergarten to 6th grade). Teaching them to know their self-worth at a young age became a hunger because of my childhood experience.

THE PRINCESS IN ME was birthed out of a passion to minister to young girls from 5 -12yrs (kindergarten to 6th grade). Teaching them to know their self-worth at a young age became a hunger because of my childhood experience. I was sexually molested from age 13 till I was 16. My abuser was a 28yr old ex-combatant who visited our home on several occasions because he was a family relative. Food,
clothing and comfort were never a challenge all my life, so I wasn’t in any desperate living condition or neglected. Many children around the world are abused sexually either by family, friends of the family or people they trust.

At 16, I finally removed myself from that setting and simply closed that door like nothing ever happened. The truth is, any issues left unresolved in your life becomes an infection. 20years later, I found myself dealing with this infected wound. I had also developed other wounds too through the journey. It’s one thing to be a mess, but it’s another to be a mess, married and with children. You become nothing but toxic. I needed help but I started fighting my conscience, “Should I choose victory for myself and let go of these chains or stay in this dark hole and blame everybody?”. I chose freedom and took the first step. I shared with our Pastor for the first time.  Healing from layers of pain is not a one-day process, it’s a journey.

Four years later, I attended The Women of Faith Conference in Dallas Texas. Where God spoke to my heart through Sheila Walsh’s testimony who found her peace in Christ at a point where she was about to end it all. As she shared her story, I could relate all the way. God said to my heart. “You are my daughter, My Princess” Right at that moment the feeling of inadequacy, the brokenness, feeling unworthy, ugly and guilt left immediately, and victory was mine. Everything changed and every lie that I ever believed was exposed.  I AM A PRINCESS and My father is a KING and He is above all! I forgave myself.  I may not walk around wearing a tiara, but royalty is embedded within me. I knew deep down in my heart that every little girl around the world need to know about this great God,
The King, our Father and our Creator at an early age. Psalm 139:14 For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvellous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.

In 2007 with the blessing of my husband and kids, I began hosting gatherings in our home called “The Princess in Me” I invited young girls from our neighbourhood. They were royally themed, and I took that opportunity to share the gospel with the girls and let them know that they are daughters of the King of Kings and every little would take home a tiara just to serve as a reminder of who they really are.

About the Princess in Me Royal Retreat

In 2014, a non-denominational Bible based Girls Set Apart Ministries, now known as Set Apart Global Ministries was officially registered with the state of Texas.

The Princess in Me Royal Retreat is our most popular event every year.  We focus on three major fundamentals:

TRUTH- Who is God?
IDENTITY – Who am I in Him?
PURPOSE – Why did He Create Me?

A lot of different teachings fall under those three fundamentals. From, self-worth, to relationship with God and others; family, school and friends. Taking care of my body as God’s temple. Being a good helper at home, school, church and community. Modesty, boundaries, bullying, staying safe on social media and many more. Children learn well when adults lead with authenticity. Any information and teaching are important but, it’s how it’s delivered.  We always make sure all our events fun, engaging, equipping, empowering and not overwhelming. All for the glory of God.

The Royal Retreat coming to SpringHill Retreat Center:
Dates June 27th to 29th. 

Registration link:
Ph:    469-834-8779

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