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Born in West Africa and raised in London and studying as a practice nurse. Alongside studying she is running a beauty business. The journey started at a young age. She used family members to express her God given gift of a beauty artist. This humble platform drove her into pursuing artistry even without professional training in the field.

As early as age 16 she started developing her creativity and design skills using make-up. What kept her dream alive was her flair and the desire to realign herself in line with her passion. Each time she works on her clients she connects with them and enjoys watching them transform into confident people.

We are made in the image of God, beauty is who we are


What exactly inspired her? She worked in the industry for 7 years and then opted out. She had made up her mind to get out of her comfort zone. One thing led to another. She started her make up business called Jays Prestige. This gave her the opportunity to put into practise the skills and knowledge she had previously acquired. One of her proud moments is when she did an exceptional job for a client who was getting married and the client was extremely pleased.

Being able to work with what you have and enjoy it can only mean that you are following your pathway.

Jays Prestige was launched in 2014 and she took advantage of social media to advertise her brand. Her website showcases her portfolio and different services she provides to clients. She specialises in makeup and hair so that people can look good and presentable for all occasions including televised filming.

Self-belief and faith has played an important role in the growth of her business. In times of uncertainty she trusted in God.

She is currently working on a few new projects. The first makeup class will be on 23rd September 2017. Anyone interested in learning how to do flawless makeup is welcome.

Managing a business, working and studying is very challenging. However when you have the by passion, you quickly learn that the outcome blocks out the pain and obstacles. Having a vision, setting goals is essential drive to plan and work towards the dream. Everyday she faces procrastination, fear of the unknown and has to deal with that.

Doing what you are meant to do not what you want needs resilience and determination. It is important to be organised, to set timelines and to keep assessing your effectiveness. Most all faith keeps the faith.

What is beauty? She defines beauty as “we are made in the image of God, beauty is who we are”. Yes make-up gives its users a feel good or look beautiful experience. However, when one truly knows who they are, have a great character and are confident in themselves they are already beautiful. Generally people who are happy in themselves (a beautiful smile is the best make up one can wear) will always see beauty in others.

Makeup is a temporary fix- used to enhance one’s features.

Self-esteem and a positive outlook can make one feel more beautiful and have a beautiful approach in life. They say beauty is skin deep. She also does skincare classes teaching women how to effectively look after the skin using the right products.

God richly bless you May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you peace.


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