PK’s Life and Challenges

Our monthly foray into a selected PK’s life and challenges.

What comes into mind when you hear “PK.”

Honestly, when I hear of someone else who is a PK, or the term in general, I get kinda of excited! When it comes to someone else being a PK, my response is always like, “Hey, me too!” It’s like a shared experience that we actually haven’t even shared. A bond that makes no sense other that “I got you. I understand you!” There’s something about it that automatically makes that person safe.

But in the realm of normal living, the world, within the general population being a Pastor’s kid has always had more of a negative reaction when I have announced to someone in conversation that I’m a PK. People either are confused or sympathetic towards me. Both responses are annoying. *laughs out loud*

You are a PK. How has that been for you?

Like I said previously it has its moments of glory but it has also been hard for me. I’m automatically assumed to be either a “goody-goody” or rebellious in nature. I have struggled with both. For awhile I wanted nothing to do with God because of my parents ministry. I purposely did and said things to be my own person and did the opposite of what was expected. Eventually, I got caught up in Jesus’ love for me. I had to find God on my own. Not because I was/am a PK.

Being a PK was extra hard for me because I am also an MK which is a Missionaries Kid. And that brings on a whole other aspect to being a PK. *chuckles*

Would you ever choose not to be a PK if you could?

Now as an adult, no. After a lot of inner healing and more self awareness, I am totally fine with the beautiful family that God has allowed me to be apart of. At a younger age, before my personal relationship with the Lord had really developed I would have to say that I wished many times that my parents were pastors.

What challenges have you face?

Most of the challenges I faced were struggling with what people thought of me. Cuz whatever I did, always reflected my parents. Or that’s what it felt like. A lot of the times I felt like I didn’t have normal parents, like (counselled a lot by them). I wished I had more of a mom and dad type relationships as opposed to constantly feeling like I messed up all the time and needed to be counselled. I know now their hearts for me. But being kind of “born into the ministry” I became a target in many ways. I struggled with feeling like God cared about my needs. To this day I still struggle with feeling like my needs matter to God. Growing up it felt like the ministry and other people mattered more. And that has taken a big toll on my heart and how God meets my needs.

How did you manage it all..with the challenges?

I didn’t manage it very well. Once I moved out of my parents house I was able to pursue the inner healing I needed and the relationship with God that I needed and wanted.

How do you remain sane as a PK?

Now I just go with it. It’s part of who I am. It’s not my identity as I see myself as God’s daughter and everything flows from there. I only see now that I have a rich heritage and parents that love me dearly. I choose to see the beauty of the situation even though it was hard. It shaped me into who I am today, and I am so proud of the woman that I have become.

Have you had any benefits of being a PK?

It’s fun connecting with other PK’s. That’s my favourite part about being a PK. Once you meet another one, you are part of a secret club or something. That person understands you on a level that most cannot relate to!

You have been through Bible school. Was this by choice or being a PK?

I am going through a program that is similar to Bible School. And it has been my own choice completely.

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