On Becoming a Complete Woman

She is funny, witty and charming but more importantly, she has a heart for God and passion for women empowerment.

She is funny, witty and charming but more importantly, she has a heart for God and passion for women empowerment.

Having started her own initiative called Complete Woman, she is taking her place in the world in a new way that is allowing her to be both creative and transparent.

Reverend Eve Maloba is a mother of four boys. She is the first lady of Christ Temple of Worship and wife to Bishop Oscar Maloba. She is an oasis of support to hundreds of women in her church and beyond.

While those are some of the things you see on the surface, there is another side to this woman of God, she is warm, strong and is continually redefining herself; living in the purpose that God has called her for and pursuing the things she has always wanted to do.

“I didn’t play the piano, sing in the choir, nor did I know at the time that ministry was my calling. It was not until I was 23 that I knew l was called to ministry,” she said.

Reverend Eve said that it was after she had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and began having dreams and visions of herself preaching that she began to realise what she was called to do.

“The dreams and visions stirred a passion in me to win souls. I remember preaching to anyone who would listen.”

“Salvation brought me peace and joy and I wanted to share it with everyone.”

Overcoming rejection and finding herself

She struggled with rejection and the need to belong in her teen years. She said it took her time to find her identity and to appreciate who she was. As a result, it made her want to equip young women and help them discover themselves and their self-worth.

“It’s in my teen years that I messed up, but I am grateful to God for turning my mess into his message.”

Complete Woman began over a decade ago, after a group of women from Christ Temple of Worship Church began meeting in their homes to pray and share the word.

“I led the group in the beginning before I learnt its full purpose. At a time where l was seeking answers from God, the Holy Spirit spoke to me from Colossians 2:10: ‘You are complete in Him, Christ who is the head of all principalities’. He explained how living a life knowing that we are already whole in Him was more important and fulfilling than seeking perfection.”

It’s easier to come to terms with what has already been done by Christ in redemption than when you think you need to convince God to make you complete.

We are whole women, spirit, soul and body. We just need to agree with the word of God in every area of our lives.”

Reverend Eve said that she hopes to take Complete Woman global, hosting conferences and training seminars to equip and give women the opportunity to rise up and discover their true identity.

“It’s easy to imitate the ‘ideal’ woman according to the world’s standard but, it is in being ourselves that God is pleased and where we fulfil our purpose on earth.”

She said the vision is to support and educate more children in Africa, as well as women who are widowed.

Still marginalised

“There are so many young women who are taken advantage of in poor nations because of poverty. Some stay in abusive relationships or marriages because of their lack of financial independence, so the aim is to educate and teach them life skills and how to start their own business initiatives.”

Women are still marginalised, abused and disregarded, especially within the church community and l want to change that. l want women to know that they have a voice.”

She is currently working on her first book which is due for release soon and says that it focuses on her life and experiences.

“I thought writing about my life would be easy but looking back at my past has brought back some painful memories, like being raised by a stepfather. Don’t get me wrong, he was a very good man but I just never seemed to find where I belonged.”

I didn’t fit in with my biological father’s family as well, so it was hard. In school it was embarrassing to let anyone know l had a stepdad – so I used to act out and this continued into adulthood.

Not the typical Pastor’s wife

I had no identity and as a result, it attracted bad relationships that didn’t allow me to be myself.”

Reverend Eve said being married to a pastor in the beginning came with its challenges because she wasn’t regarded as a typical pastor’s wife.

“I was under scrutiny in the beginning and there were a number of people who had their opinions about me and what they thought l should be. So for a long time l struggled to be myself but, as time went on, l knew only l had the power to be true to who l was and where l was headed.”

My husband, Bishop Oscar Maloba has also been my rock from the beginning. He is my biggest cheerleader and encourager. It’s when I met him that l began the journey of self-discovery. He is a man of faith and has a beautiful spirit.”

She said that prayer has been her greatest source and biggest motivation in her life.

“It’s in the place of prayer that God reveals secrets. I don’t run alongside social media or gossip.

With so many women’s organisations springing up, I stay connected to God and His word, so that when people come in contact with me, it’s not just any other meeting – it must be something that transforms the mind and nourishes the soul.”

Over the years, she has encouraged women to keep a journal to write their visions, dreams and a word they have received.

“Sometimes when we are in a dark place we lose sight of God’s word and promises but, hope is priceless and a journal is a way of reminding yourself of the words God has spoken.”

Reverend Eve said today’s teens are always on their smartphones and check social media repeatedly, preferring texting over face-to-face communication. She stated that social media had become central in their lives and that we are living in a time where self-love is very important.

“Being yourself in a world where people have such high expectations of what ‘perfect’ is, can be challenging.”

Teenhood is the most vulnerable time for girls. This is where they are coming to grips with who they are and what they want to achieve in life.

“Self-confidence and self-love are important, especially as a teenager. Accepting who you are and trusting the timing of what God has in store is key.”

She said women need to be in a place where they know and appreciate who they are and look forward to where they are headed. Adding that, every woman carries greatness inside of them.

Be Yourself Theme

Be yourself has been a central theme for Complete Woman for a few years. The first conference under that title brought together women from all over the UK for a day of celebration and empowerment. There were several workshops and stalls that gave women the opportunity to get pampered, explore the unknown and rediscover their inner confidence.

Reverend Eve said the theme was birthed from her own experiences and coming to terms with who she was and what she wanted to do with her life. She said that finding her purpose and letting go of the idea that she needed to please everybody was a challenge but, one that she overcame when she realised that there was no one worth pleasing more than God.

“There are seasons that we all go through in life that cause us to question things about ourselves and where we are headed. I know I did for a very long time.”

“Sometimes there are more questions than answers. Nonetheless, in the midst of such seasons you will always have the wonderful opportunity to be alone and truly rediscover who you are and what your purpose is in a given season.”

Dare to Believe Conference 2018

The Complete Woman Conference will take place on 6 October 2018 in Leeds. Running under the theme, Dare to Believe. The event’s guest speaker is Triumphant Church International’s pastor, Marjorie Esomowei.

“The Lord never ceases to amaze me each year. I am blessed to have a network of women, both in the church and around the UK who are supporting this vision. More importantly, women who have served as mentors over the years.”

“Pastor Marjorie, my spiritual mother and mentor will be our guest speaker again this year.

I have learnt the secret of greatness from watching her – she is such a humble woman who worships God without reservation. She is very anointed yet has the ability to make everyone feel special in her presence.” MT

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