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Engaging harmonies, ministering lyrics and a divine driven purpose exudes from the music by this UK based singer/songwriter Nursel Masuka-Mandiopera.

In her debut single, Like Heaven, she uses her voice to echo Jesus’ prayer that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Her desire is to offer splendor worship and praise to the Father, spread joy, hope and love through the power of music, passing on inspiration from other powerful and anointed gospel artists worldwide.

Peace, Happiness

Nursel’s highest level of fulfilment as a gospel singer comes when her listeners’ world changes for the better, through peace, happiness and spiritual messages that come from her music.

Through her Christian upbringing and support from her family, from the age of three, Nursel is excited to have finally found a way to use her talents and artistically share her passion for praise and worship.

Her music has both traditional and contemporary styles of the gospel genre. While Nursel continues to work on her music and record new albums, she also fits in her other roles as a mother of two young children Benaiah and Neshama, as a wife to her husband Bernard Mandiopera and as a member of the praise and worship team at her church

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