My Mummy is a DIVA

Yes, she is a woman
A simply woman
And she is my mother

She is the reason I am.
The reason I have become who I am
She is my mother.

She taught me how to be a woman,
Not just a woman
But a strong, self-sufficient woman.

She taught me how to be a ‘good’ mother
I hope I have not disappointed
Let my children live to tell the tale.
She is full of wisdom

Her knowledge is priceless
Her love, selfless
Her strength, fearless.
Her aura exudes warmth,

She taught me to be a woman
She holds no degree
No PhD attached to her name
Her qualities, precious stones
Rare and hard to find.

She is my mother
A confidante when I’ve been confused
A loving disciplinarian when I strayed
My failures, she turned into precious lessons.

She wipes tears when I cry
Shares soothing words when I am in distress
My faults, she magnifies them not
She is the woman that is my mother

No degree, no PhD attached to her name
Who dares tell me she falls short?
Tell me she has no letters attached to her name?
She is the woman that made me

Germs of her knowledge, priceless
Her wisdom, all that I needed
I will forever cherish her until I breathe my last.
Mum, you are a gem, a true DIVA,

I will always love you.

DIVAS are generally known or associated with women who are temperamental and difficult to please. A Diva is so self-loving, its all about them. You are thinking then, if my mother is a diva, then she is self- obsessed and somewhat selfish- oh dear! Relax, she is a different diva. Here is the Diva she is,

D Divine. She is delightful and godly. She is aware of her God given responsibilities as a mother and she takes them seriously.

I Inspired. She possesses extraordinary qualities, and is ‘a cup is half full’ type of woman.

V Virtuous. She is aware she is not perfect at all, but she lives her life with due diligence, she is forgiving and knows her purpose in life.

A Anointed. She does not play down the power bestowed upon her. She is not big headed because she has been chosen and picked out of many. She is humble.

So, now that you get it, my mummy is a diva, only she is a different type of diva. She is my diva because she was ordained and created from a place of reverence. Your mummy is a diva too. She has nurtured you from the day you were born. Many a sleepless night she spent, nursing your high fever. When she gave you the breast to nourish your growing mind, body and soul, you bit her and gosh, how it must have hurt. Having been reduced to tears myself when my breast was bitten by my own, I know the pain she felt.

Your mummy is a diva, she has put up with your moods, forgiven your stupid mistakes. Your mummy is a diva, out of nothing she makes something, she feeds you and sometimes goes to bed hungry herself. She woke up in the wee hours of the morning and tendered the fields, put the fire on, cooked your porridge and sent you off to school.

Your mummy is a diva, she keeps the family together and simply does her best. Thank God for all mothers who simply do their best, for it is their best that matters.

Motherhood goes beyond biology, it is a gift from the heart. Because you haven’t biologically given birth, you still are a mother. How, you ask?

You are a Mother simply because. A

M Mentors and nurtures children within her reach regardless. She,

O Opens her heart and lets them in to enjoy her unconditional love. She also takes time to

T Teach and pass wisdom for she has faith in every child. She never waits to be asked. A mother,

H Helps willingly and expects nothing in return.

E Empowering young minds is her mission and her ministry.

R Restores broken and shattered dreams, and by God’s grace restores lost hope. A true epitome that is a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Biology gives a woman the privilege to give birth but a mother loves and nurtures regardless of her biological connectionMT

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  1. ‘Biology gives a woman the privilege to give birth but a mother loves and nurtures regardless of her biological connection’ MT

    I’m loving this quotation…very powerful indeed!!


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