Love is in the Air

Now that Valentines is over, what was that really about?

A thin line separates love and hate, you have the power to choose which side of the line you reside.  Regina Jele-Ncube 

Talk of picking the right moment!! The heartthrob that he is, and a secret crush to many, he goes all out and breaks hearts, not intentionally and he makes one special girl happy. Ouch!! Idris Elba, did you have to propose to your girlfriend a few days before Valentine’s Day? Well he just did ladies, so let’s just jog on.

The shops have been awash with all things red, fancy gifts, luring us to think of that special someone in our lives. It is quite magical. Fancy boxes of chocolates, you only need to look at them and instantly imagine the silky chocolate melting in your mouth. I internally scream at the boxes of chocolates to stop winking at me as I think of my waistline- I will resolve to have just one, after all its Valentine, who really cares about waistlines, when love is in the air!!!

Who cares about waistlines?

The best cards bearing the most heartfelt messages on display at every card shop. It’s big business. Hallmarks bosses and many others, chomping at the bits with excitement, the bank balances quadruple, life is really good. Florists trim, cut and arrange flowers to produce phenomenal floral displays. Couriers deliver small, medium and massive bouquets to many special persons around the world. Love is in the air folks, February, deemed the love month, and in case it passed you by, the 14th of February has been and gone.

As many other such type of observance, opinions are divided. Whether you believe in celebrating Valentine’s day or not, let’s explore and imagine a world were love abounds unconditionally. A love that is not commercialised, a love that is not forced on us and a love that does not demand.

I enjoy taking note of the buzz and feel around Valentine’s Day. I love the colour red, the cuddly teddy bears, the flowers, the cards with warm messages to melt the heart. You close your eyes and imagine two people deeply in love sharing a candlelit dinner and all things romantic. You feel a million dollars when all things love are lavished upon you. Wink!! The next day, next month it’s all forgotten, the magic moments now a distance memory for some.

Love can never be boxed and contained within a day.

Love must surround us always, love has to be us. The world, realising our need for love, has capitalised and commercialised it. True genuine love goes beyond Valentine’s Day, neither is it about fine dining and candlelit dinners. With all the money in the world, one thing is for sure, we cannot buy love if we cannot be love ourselves.

As a freely flowing river, meandering across the valleys and terrains, allowing free access to all who would for nourishment. As birds that flutter and sing a melodious tune all throughout the day providing sweet music to the ear. As the crisp sunshine permeates the stubborn winter clouds to provide much-needed warmth. As a toddler struts around as they take their first steps much to the joy and amusement of the doting mother. As a carefully piled up log fire glowing and sending cosy warmth all around much to the delight of its recipients, so should our love for one other. Freely flowing, freely given, and freely received.

With or without chocolates

A true Valentine and true love is our full being. With or without chocolates, cards, and everything we have been conditioned to associate with love and more so on Valentine’s Day. Living as we do in a world that talks incessantly about love, it is easy to forget that love only and truly manifests in actions.

If we chose one letter from the word Valentine, we will plant seeds that will germinate and grow. We will create an environment of love, courage and acceptance. It is not about flying above the skies, nor is it about sailing the seas to reach out, it starts within our immediate environment, our family, neighbours, the person sitting next to you at the GP’s surgery, that mummy with a screaming baby, that teenager who constantly pushes you to your wits end.

The words of a familiar old song learnt in my teen years says, ‘It only takes a spark to get the fire going, and soon all those around can warm up to its glowing,’

Take time for people, invest in people, and remember to love yourself too. Don’t be selfish. Don’t expect to always receive love without giving it out, for

Love is in air we breathe. MT

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