Letter from the Editor – Vol01

    Monica Manatse is the editor of the magazine. Zimbabwe born, she worked in both financial and manufacturing industries. Monica is married with three lovely girls and is a devout Christian. She has always been passionate about making others realise what they are worth and having always been the voice speaking on behalf of others.

    Her story about the magazine “ l cannot wait to get started as l want to see what l have been dreaming about for so long becoming reality. There has always been a strong yearning in  me to get my story and other people’s recorded for the benefit of those who have been asking “How can it be done” and l know the timing is just right.

    I have listened to and witnessed a lot of wealth in the form of true life stories that is yet to be tapped into.The stories and ventures cannot be kept to a few people when the world the world can use such to its betterment. This particular edition is close to my heart as it is the first one and seeing its birth, no amount of words can describe the excitement. l have literally hand picked the stories as l am confident they will be worth reading and where possible putting to use.

    MoniqueToday is an online magazine that collects personal stories covering how people bypassed obstacles, forged ahead to be what they always wanted to be. The stories will be about faith, beauty and health, business ventures, diet just to mention a few.

    MoniqueToday exists on online magazine platforms like yumpu.com for now but in time shall have it’s own website. The website shall feature the stories, exclusive contributions and comments from its viewers. There is also a fantastic team who will produce great stories.

    The stories, ventures and content are aimed at everyone at large to read, enjoy and learn from. I hope as you visit the site, you will become our regular readers.


    Monica Manatse

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