Letter from the Editor – Vol08



    How many times do we stop and take notice of what goes on around us?

    Everyday when we are on the go.  We wake up in the morning, jump into our routines. Nothing seems to be calm.  The week is about work and school for those of us who have children. Over the weekend it is shopping, family activities, then Church.  In all this rush there is no time to stop and notice what is happening around us. Being aware of the now, for example thought patterns, feelings and emotions included can help keep our wellness in constant check. Mindfulness, they call it.

    Mental health is a subject that is viewed negatively and the people affected are often stigmatised.  They will not openly admit their struggle for fear of being shunned, insulted or treated badly. MoniqueToday will continue to engage experienced practitioners that deal with these misconceptions. In this month’s issue, our very own Fatima Shambare Mapuke is introducing her series “When Women Cry”.

    Fatima presents scenarios where different women resort to crying as an outlet for communicating their anguish. To some, such emotional outbursts are part of the routine because women “always cry”, regardless.  What they cry about is not seen as important.

    In the series, each scenario is explored in detail through an interactive approach that uses comment feedback and Facebook live discussions. This gives readers a chance express their thoughts on the scenario. Fatima will then round up with a review. And yes, there are no simple or straight answers.

    She will also address how the church community could address the seemingly entrenched stigma about Mental Health issues? Should there be an awareness campaign to bring about a change of views? Or should the community push the issues back to experts, saying “it’s complex”

    I hope you will think about the first scenario, then participate in the live scenario discussions.  Don’t worry, it’s just a scenario.

    And yes, there are many other topics for you in this March 2018 edition.



    Monica Manatse


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