Letter from the Editor – Vol05


    There are many reasons that have been given by authors and websites about why Halloween is celebrated. According to researchers, during the Celtic festival of Samhain people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off “roaming ghosts”.

    With a picture of costumes and warding off ghosts in mind l find the argument about allowing our children to take part in such a hyped and money spinning event disturbing. How do we celebrate Halloween unaware of its roots? How do we promote and hail evil as an ultimate power? We allow our children to dress up in the so-called “fancy/spooky costumes”, then they go around knocking at people’s doors! Why?

    During the year we hardly communicate with any of our neighbours or people who live a few steps away from us. Yet those are the same homes our kids knock at for “trick treating”. If only we could become good neighbours by raising children who are socially responsible rather than experts at scare pranks.

    I am told it is just for fun, really? Dressing up like a witch is not fun, painting blood on the face is not fun. And it will certainly not be fun when the same child starts believing in strange things and imaginary friends, all because we have opened a “door of fun”.

    Surely giving or receiving sweets from strangers should not be encouraged. I read of a story of a man who gave the unthinkable to kids in the name of trick-treat sweets. Accordingly to the story the man said he was mortified as the “items” were given in error. This is what we expose our kids to when we lose watchfulness. The kids were between 5-8 years old and the father was able to spot the difference between the sweets and the “items”. Although the law took its course, the damage had already been done.

    Parents let us be careful about what we expose our children to. We can not stop the world from celebrating Halloween but we can be gracious enough not to celebrate it.


    Monica Manatse


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