Letter from the Editor – Vol04

    My second daughter started her first year at university in September. It was emotional to say goodbye, it was hard to walk away and l must admit l am not good at goodbyes.

    Her leaving means that there has to be a lot of adjustments.  I can not plan for her or go out to do house shopping with her anymore.  She is now her own person. She can make her own decisions without my interference. Although we continue to support her in every way we can, the main job of raising her has come to an end.

    Even though she left a gap, l am positive she made the right choice by continuing her studies and l know she will enjoy her journey.  I still get to hear my “l love you mom” over the phone.  The latest l got was “Oh mom uncle (name withheld) said l must tell you not to call until l call”. The hint was dropped in a smart way.  However, l will need a police restraining order not to flout the rules. Without doubt this will require 24/7 watch from the local police.  Still yet, l have that one under control. A plan has been put in place; l will use her sister’s phone to call her.  That way she can not say “mum called”.

    Enough of university start. MoniqueToday is committed to keeping our readership inspired and encouraged through the stories we publish.  In this edition we have Shalom focusing on inner beauty in an amazing way.  Jacqui tells her story on how she won Miss Zimbabwe UK pageant.  Vu is about excellent community service. Sandy who is a writer also expresses her gift. Ruth loves making special days special.

    Lastly, in this issue MoniqueToday has included a few points on the role of Human Resources in an organisation.



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