Letter from the Editor – Vol03

    The past few weeks

    The past few weeks have recorded fluctuations in the weather. We felt extremely hot, some days were very windy, the last week of August we have witnessed rains and a bit of nippy mornings and nights. Its looks like we are bidding farewell to summer. What ever the weather changes are, there is always something to look forward to at MoniqueToday.

    This month we have Hazel Herrington as our cover girl. The girl is unstoppable and her story is about Hazel is a woman whose heart is sold out to Christ and to living a fulfilled life through empowering others in business. She is also a notable motivational speaker who has shared stage with big names. Her story speaks for itself.

    The music section has an exclusive chat with Sharon Manatsa whose first album was launched in July. Although she collaborated with her husband, she is a passionate worshipper in her own right.

    And, of course, there’s Judith Isabel Dlamini who is our come back contributor from last month. She pours her energy into the city of Bradford UK and will do everything within her power to ensure the less privileged live comfortable lives.

    Last but not least, Hazel Gumpo’s story last month inspired many. Here are some of the comments she received: Blessing Inspiring piece for every young woman out there who doesn’t see the sky as a limit.

    Noku Sibanda I was so excited to read some life stories of people with a purpose and those called to make a difference in people‘s life. So thankful to my friend who introduced me to this magazine. I will share my story in due season.

    The last few months have been an encouraging experience and I look forward to seeing how our publication will touch and inspire women in society. Stay with us for more publications.


    Monica Manatse

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