Letter from the Editor – Vol02

    What an amazing start

    Since launching the MoniqueToday Magazine we have received overwhelmingly support. Just looking at the statistics from www.moniquetoday.com, the top five pageviews were from United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Unites States, Australia and South Africa. This shows a tremendous level of interest in the content. Thank you, Thank you.

    It seems that the readers enjoyed the stories of people who confronted their worst fears and found ways to overcome. A big thank you to the ladies who chose not to hide their challenges, but shared them to liberate others.

    You are not the only one in that fix. Someone else may already have slaughtered that fear.

    And what about the book? Since the launch, we have seen amazing support from the community. We now have added an established routine of mailing the books to our UK buyers. And proud new owners have been sending us pictures of their deliveries from the USA. The book is available online on amazon.com and on other online bookstores. Even in Australia.

    There is growing demand in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We will be shipping consignments in the coming days.

    All this has been happening as we were working on the second edition of the magazine. New, fresh stories of triumph over seemingly impossible odds. This month our theme is “Dedicates of Pain”, the story o a woman swept off her feet by the wrong man.

    As you read the stories, please be inspired to reflect on your own victories. Should you be interested in submitting an article to be featured in MoniqueToday, kindly email editor@moniquetoday.com.

    It goes without saying that our sponsors Micah & Jesse, Eliona Health Care, Mind After Christ and Interior Decorator Ms T Maplanka, contributed to the success of the launch. Last but not least the MC Mr Z Mashengele, the photographer Mr Anthony Niyi Onikan, friends and family who travelled from far and wide.

    But the biggest thanks, once again, is to you for support and I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you this month.

    Monica Manatse

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