Interview – Patience Masiyambiri Mandizha

A highly talented and motivated vocalist. Passionate about succeeding, enjoys new challenges and meets goals that she takes on. She has 12 years in the Gospel Music Industry and has worked with many artists be it studio works, live recordings and corporate branding.

Patience is knowledgeable, creative and resourceful musician. She studied music. She has skills in vocal training, song writing and mentoring others.

What got you into singing?

My late father was a pastor and l was privileged in that l would join the praise and worship team whenever l could. I enjoyed being part of the team. My professional journey started as a backing vocalist for other musicians like Olinda Marova, Bethany, Kudzi Nyakudya, Mathias Mhere just to name a few.

Do you remember your first solo and what happened?

When I was asked to lead a song during my first show with Olinda Marova, I was so nervous and fearful. I did not know how the crowd would react neither did l know l was going to emotional control myself when all attention was then focused on me. But by the Grace of God I managed to pull through.

How would you explain your style/genre?

I sing gospel (Jazz/ Traditional).

Every artist has an idea of where they want to be in life music wise, whats your ideal place?

I want to become a renowned and distinguished artist, who is not only known locally but international as well. I want my music to impact lives and give people spiritual hope.

Its a challenge to be in this industry and remain grounded. How do you cope with it?

I think the key is to try to reinvent what is already there and moving with the times. There is no challenge that our God cannot conquer. Perseverance is also key, I am 28 and my very first recorded work was done when I was 12.

You have had some collaborations and sang for other christian groups… What’s your favourite moment?

With Christian groups I would obviously mention Zimpraise, the tour that we did in 2014 when we went to UK, Scotaland and Dallas, that’s my best, shared the stage with many different artists there.

If you could pick any one to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

Zahara – I just love her calmness, she inspires me.

How do you balance being an artist with motherhood and being a wife?

It’s the most difficult thing to balance but I can’t trade anything between being an artist, a mother and a wife. I just have to have it all, luckily my husband is very supportive of my career so it also helps me with the balancing act .LOL

Any tour plans?

Yes indeed, I am talking with a few promoters, nothing concrete as yet to announce thou

Now that you have loads of music you have written and sang… Which one touches your heart the most?

NDEZVEDU, it’s a track from my last album

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