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How you got started in the flower business?

Well when it comes to flowers it was by default, I have always had passion for events coordination and decor. When I enrolled with the SA School of Weddings I came across the Events Décor and Flower Arrangement course I decided to go for it instead of Wedding Planning.

What are the steps that you took?

I took a course with the SA School of weddings and I got hooked from there. After completing the course and passing with a high mark for my final assessment I started showing my work to everyone and the feedback I received was very much encouraging. I have not looked back since then.

When did you discover that you had the passion?

My passion for events coordination started when I was part of a church youth group team that used to plan for camps and conferences and that was more than 15 years ago. When it came to conferences I was in charge of the decor, the process was very exciting for me and later I asked myself why not pursue a career in events. Then my passion for flowers started just after I took the course in 2015.

What are the challenges?

Being a wife, mother to an energetic toddler and working a fulltime job as a Recruitment Consultant. I do events part-time, that can be very demanding no matter how you try to balance or prioritise. One just has to strive and try to make sure that the passion doesn’t die. It’s about pushing yourself and focusing on the goal and what you want to do at the end of the day.

I have struggles with hay fever as well as some of the flowers are not user-friendly. However, I have managed to find ways to manage it and I seem to be winning. No limitation can have its way unless you allow it I guess.

The other challenge is that the industry is very packed and competition is very stiff, you really have to put your “A” game and keep your name out there. At times suppliers can fail to give you the best quality of flowers and you need to make ways to have your work to look good and juggle among suppliers. Building good relationships and emphasizing on what you want and not wanting anything to compromise your brand, one needs to have a thick skin. Some clients don’t understand how costly flowers are and that some flowers are seasonal, at times it takes time for them to really understand what you will be trying o put across to them.

Do you have anyone who inspires you?

My inspiration is Jill Manson, her passion and love for flowers is just amazing, I loved her show “The Fresh Cut” on The Home channel on DSTV. I follow her on social media, and I’m considering taking another course with her. Her arrangements are just exclusive. Only passion can bring out the kind of work that she brings out.

Who are you competing with?

There are a lot of old gurus in this industry who have been there from long back; you are not only competing with Events companies but with Florists as well.

How do you maintain or keep your customers satisfied?

I have refused to allow my name to be associated with anything that doesn’t scream Excellency. I always put myself in the client’s shoes and ask myself what kind of service and product I would expect for the value of my money. I don’t compromise when it comes to Excellency.

Are you running a business now:

I am working on registering my events company at the present moment, and I’m looking forward to what God has in store for me as far as this gift is concerned in my life. Watch the space for exciting arrangements.

Have you defined your business mission:

Yes: We pride in excellence as we ensure that your special day will be remembered for years to come. When you choose us you have 100% guarantee for excellent customer service, professionalism, value for excellence, integrity and attention to detail. MT


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