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If I knew, twenty years ago what I know now I am certain that I would have achieved so much more in my life. How I regret the bad decisions and missed opportunities. I am 39 years old. My life has changed dramatically in the last 2 years and it’s mostly because I met incredible, selfless women who played different roles in my life. They challenged and helped me pursue my dreams against all odds. Up until then I had had so many goals which only got as far as just being in note books.

Things began to change after networking and intentionally being around great minds. I started my own personal development journey, jumped into the deep end and started to action my goals. I am so grateful for my mentor and accountability buddy, Lynne. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and though I made a lot of mistakes I continued to learn and grow. I thank God so much for all the support that I have received this far. I am grateful for the referrals, connections, moral and financial support.

My passion is to help girls through mentorship so that they can be better equipped for life than I was. I had no idea how the programme would work but by the grace of God I was able to connect with a team of dedicated people who believe in the vision. Together we have managed to come up with a free girls mentorship programme in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Our ethos have been fashioned by personal experiences where we recognise the impact of mentorship.

Our passion is to give young girls guidance, support, and expert advice provided through the programme.

Our vision is to empower girls with the knowledge and skills to become resourceful, self-driven and independent women.

Our mission is simply to offer innovative mentorship frameworks that foster girls to discover their purpose and flourish.

The great opportunity for I Dream And Go is to foster the tides of change as we work on rolling our model of mentorship across the country. We believe that young people (girls) will have an opportunity to learn from their mentors and from all the other activities offered in the curriculum. The programme is free and is tailored and suited around the mentees’ individuality. This is because we understand and celebrate the different backgrounds, groundings and progress the mentees show. We believe that continually mentoring and supporting the girls will have a significant decrease in cases that affect young women such as early marriages, school dropouts and low pass rates. If we had had media coverage at our programme launch on the 6th of January 2018 this is what our press release would have read.


On Saturday the 6th of January 2017, the I Dream And Go (ID&G), an organisation founded by Ms SIQEDILE NDIWENI, a philanthropist, nurse, author and development practitioner based in the United Kingdom launched its pilot Mentorship Programme in Bulawayo with thirty (30) mentees and twenty mentors as well as some parents attending. A preliminary pilot programme had been initiated in April 2017 and completed in October 2017.

The ID&G mentorship programme embraces every girl child

The ID&G Organisation is designed to help mentor young girls, thus enabling them to realise their hopes and dreams. In an era where the rights of the girl child remains limited, the ID&G seeks to fill this void, and much more by designing not only a mentorship programme that merely deals with the theoretical and emotional support but enhances the psychological and socio-economic well-being of young girls. While past processes have dealt with only children from disadvantaged groups or previously abused girls, the ID&G mentorship programme embraces every girl child in a bid to redress the structural imbalances of the past. The ID&G mentorship project differs inherently from other programmes in that it would make sure the monitoring of the growth of every mentee through Mentor Tracker Journals.

The 100 Mentor Tracker Journals were donated by the Matebeleland Development Initiative, a regional development umbrella and vanguard organisation that seeks to be the vehicle of broad development in the region by partnering and providing technical support to civil society organisations, business, government and people in a quest to foster a concerted approach to development. The

ID&G also works in partnership with LEAD-US-TODAY (LUT) an organisation based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Mr Honest Tshuma, the Programmes manager at LUT is also the incumbent Chairperson of the ID&G, and works with a support team of professional and passionate mentors. Essentially, LUT provides technical support to the programme such as the provision of training facilities, and administration of the project.

According to the ID&G, MDI and LUT, the success of the mentorship project would be a justification for the significance of development partnerships in an era when development work is crippled by donor fatigue. These three organisations continue to operate through membership contributions and handouts without any major financial injection. Donor fatigue does not hurt the governments as intended but it hurts the beneficiaries who depend on support systems such as the Mentorship Programme in order to shape not only their individual destinies but those of their societies, the present and the future generations.

The three organisations aspire for the development of a generation of young leaders who would help shape the developmental patterns of the region and country in all key sectors. Development can not be defined as isolated pieces of the puzzle but as interwoven intricacies of the matrix where each piece depends on the other to function hence the advocating for broad partnerships as compared to isolated efforts.

ID&G wishes the mentees a successful journey and wishes to thank the Mentors for their voluntary commitment to this important project, both LUT and MDI for their support as well as parents for allowing their children to take part in this programme.

ID&G encourages youth organisations to network, collaborate and come up with explosive youth programs that will help to tackle issues such as the significant rise in the rate of unwanted pregnancies, school dropouts and early marriages in young girls.

I Dream And Go Girls mentorship programme empowering one girl at a time. MT


This is the book that I co-Authored. It’s available on my website www.idreamandgo.com

Help us to increase our capacity by partnering with us.

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