I am fearfully and wonderfully made

When you take a look into the mirror, do you love and appreciate what you see or you are quick to make a list of your faults and imperfections and even  go to the  extent of wishing you were someone else. The majority of us women do not love ourselves and can  actually  spend a fortune just to be a duplicate  of someone else.

Do you not know that when God made  you, he took his time making sure  that he would produce a perfect figure and to top it all, he blew his breath into you?  You are cut  from the  finest  material, carved  by the  greatest sculp tor  and  made  in the  image  o f the Creator  of the  heavens and the  earth.  Wow! What more could one ask for?! You may be big, small, short,  tall, dark or light, whatever the case, embrace your  uniqueness  as it distinguishes you from everybody else. Accept what God says about you in his Word and be confident knowing your value and worth in Jesus Christ.

If you aspire to be Beyoncé, who will take your place as you?

Be the  woman  who follows the  beauty standar d  se t by   God and who also inspires  others to  follow suit.  Therefore  I dare you to celebrate  your uniqueness as  an  individual and truly praise  God, for “you are fearfully  and wonderfully made.” (Psalms 139v14)


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