Letter from the Editor – Vol07

“I want history to remember me not just as the first black woman to be elected to Congress, not as the first black woman...

Mind After Christ (MAC) Kids and Youth Holiday

Most children and youth are found not knowing whether they believe in God or not. Despite attending church with their parents, their outlook of...

Letter from the Editor – Vol05

OCTOBER’S MOST PROMOTED CELEBRATION There are many reasons that have been given by authors and websites about why Halloween is celebrated. According to researchers, during...

Beauty, God and Business

Intro (The Genesis) For most of my teenage years, I was to an extent insecure till I found an outlet which helped to mask the...


My name is Judith Isabel Dlamini. I was born in Luveve Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. During my father’s days Luveve was one of the locations where...

Finding Yourself

To someone out there, a new window opens daily, to pick yourself up and run. To pick yourself up and go again. It doesn’t matter how stuck or hurt or broken you are, it may seem as if there no light at the end of the tunnel, but there is a visible place to step onto.

Being Miss Zimbabwe – UK 2014-15

Entering Miss Zimbabwe UK was never something I thought about or consulted my family on. I had already entered one pageant that year and...

When Women Cry

Have you ever cried alone, so hard you would wish someone was there to comfort you, yet if someone were to ask you the reason for your crying your best honest answer would be its nothing?

An Entitlement or a Privilege?

We all miss those good old days. Wherever we have settled, we want to have a bit of home into our new home, away from home. Somehow this appears to be a challenge. What we see and view as UBUNTU is greatly challenged.
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On Becoming a Complete Woman

She is funny, witty and charming but more importantly, she has a heart for God and passion for women empowerment.
She is funny, witty and charming but more importantly, she has a heart for God and passion for women empowerment.

Faith in Me

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Walking On Water – Loulita Gill’s Story

That’s exactly how I felt 8 years ago when I was considering leaving a very secure job. My husband and I had just taken...

The weekly diary of a minister’s kid

Tuesday would be a leaders meeting usually in church. This was perfect as I would have all the time to myself. I could binge...

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