A Presence, Not Presents

The atmosphere is festive, carols blasting away in every shop to give that extra boost to the Christmas spirit and to the happy shoppers. ...

Pastor’s Kid or Minister’s child

Being born in a family of pastors or ministers is a blessing. It is full of fun but also challenges. Not only do we...

You Have It In You

My name is Vuyiswa “Vu” Mashengele and I am one of the co-founders of the non-profit organization called You Have It In You Foundation...

Feel Like a Million Plu$

I am a financial education trainer at Mustard Seed Advisory, so I spend most of my time talking to people about money management. So, I...

Start Now

How often have you heard the phrase, “I’ll start when the time is right or when I have enough capital”? Well you may as well...

Parenting Journey: Venturing into the Unspoken World

We sat under the shadow of the avocado tree with my sister-in-law enjoying the cool breeze it provided against the October heat. Suddenly Ruvimbo...

There is a story behind every smile – Teresa Dukes

Teresa epitomises the word ‘smile.’ In all her Facebook posts she is smiling and it is not difficult to imagine her life being blissful.
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Love is in the Air

A thin line separates love and hate, you have the power to choose which side of the line you reside.  Regina Jele-Ncube  Talk of picking the...

House of Afrika

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The God who Speaks

The restlessness was unbearable, the  despondency tangible; It had only been  a couple  of weeks since  taking up a new  role as  a staff nurse...

The road to healing for a preacher’s daughter

Growing up in a religious environment and surrounded by many “christians” was the norm for me and this played a huge role in the...

An Entitlement or a Privilege?

We all miss those good old days. Wherever we have settled, we want to have a bit of home into our new home, away from home. Somehow this appears to be a challenge. What we see and view as UBUNTU is greatly challenged.

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