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Diversity & Inclusion

For long we have written, read, debated about the glass ceiling as less women make it to the top echelons of organisations. There are a lot of barriers for women in the workplace.

The Princess In Me

THE PRINCESS IN ME was birthed out of a passion to minister to young girls from 5 -12yrs (kindergarten to 6th grade). Teaching them to know their self-worth at a young age became a hunger because of my childhood experience.

The story behind my smile – Charlotte Tyrell

This week’s contributor is the beautiful Charlotte Tyrell. An amazing young woman who is warm, charming and a pure soul. Read about the story behind her smile

There is a story behind every smile – Teresa Dukes

Teresa epitomises the word ‘smile.’ In all her Facebook posts she is smiling and it is not difficult to imagine her life being blissful.

The Dream Keeper

I am the dream keeper and tonight you and I are embarking on a journey. I will endeavour to be as truthful and open with you. I have been watching you during the day, listening to your interactions and your words, and studying your reactions to events both personal and societal.

Borena Bana Launch

Borena Bana showcases the beauty of the “African” fabric and versatility of Western styles. Borena Bana is the literal translation for Royal/Kingdom Kids. Every child deserves to feel like royalty.



Sight Unseen

Finding Yourself


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