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My parents taught me to mistrust you, yes they did.

The same parent to that newborn child will give us a different story come the teenage years. Some will forever continue to look for...

Supporting Education for All

MT: You are a community champion with a heart for Zimbabwe. Please tell us more about Women of Valiance, how you started and why? Beritha:...

Walking On Water – Loulita Gill’s Story

That’s exactly how I felt 8 years ago when I was considering leaving a very secure job. My husband and I had just taken...

Hey beautiful!!

Academically acclaimed or not, watched it or not, one way or the other, it trickled to our attention by default or by choice. The...

The weekly diary of a minister’s kid

Tuesday would be a leaders meeting usually in church. This was perfect as I would have all the time to myself. I could binge...

When ‘Climate Change’ Affects Life’s Seasons

I find that present-day complexities make it difficult to reorient myself to the different phases. At times, I find myself revisiting what I initially...



Sight Unseen

When Women Cry

My Mummy is a DIVA


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