Gospel powerhouse, Jane Doka releases album

With a voice that calms the mind and soothes the soul, and a glowing personality to
go with it, it is no wonder why fans are excited about gospel sensation, Jane Doka’s
fourth album.

The eclectic eight-track masterpiece, entitled First Love, produced by Clive Mono
Mukundu and Aaron Manatsa was released on all digital platforms on 1 July 2018.
Jane, who recorded most of her album in Zimbabwe in 2016 and some of it in the UK
said the process was long but rewarding.

“It was a lengthy process. There were challenges, due to distance and the day to day
expectations of life but, in the end it all worked out and overall, I am pleased with the
end product,” Jane said.

“The process was also made a little easier because I had two brilliant producers.
Clive listened and understood my vision and Aaron Manatsa was also extremely
supportive and contributed a track to this album,” she added.

Jane said after a series of disappointments in a number of areas in her life,
especially in music, she took time out to seek God and reconnect with him in a way
she hadn’t for a long time.

“I took time out to really seek God. It is so easy to profess the name of God yet at the
same time find yourself drifting far from his presence and that is where I was when I
started putting my album together.

I took matters into my own hands

“When things didn’t work out the way I wanted, I took matters into my own hands for
about three years, trying different things and seeking something I just couldn’t find.

“When I came to the realisation that I was exhausting myself more than I was
gaining a true sense of purpose, I came to a point where I decided to let go and let
God,” she added.

Jane said First Love is about going back and remaining where it all started – her love
for God and her love for music.

“It’s not about putting up appearances to prove anything to anyone, but about
making Him my only focus and enjoying the talent He gave me,” said Jane.

Jane’s interest in music began when she was in primary school. With a keen interest
in music, she started writing and composing her own songs and melodies but at the
time did not realise what they meant or where music would take her in the future.
When she finished school, she formed a group with a few friends called True Saints,
where she was the lead singer. True Saints recorded an album but Jane left
Zimbabwe in 2003 before the group reached its peak.

In 2007, she relocated to the UK and joined Wings of Faith Global Ministries where
she served as the Praise and Worship leader. In the same year, she recorded her
debut album called ‘Nditumeyi’ which was released in 2008.

In 2010 she released Tenda and Mirangariro-Reflections in 2012. Mirangariro-
Reflections is a ten-track album that was also produced by Mono Mukundu and
included some of her popular tracks Hatirase, ‘Tinomutenda Jesu and Proudly

Jane has been nominated for numerous awards, including for Gospel Artist of the
Year at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards. She was also nominated for Gospel Artist
of the Year at the Africa Gospel Music Awards in 2013.

Doka, who has just completed her Masters in Project Management, is looking to
progress onto a PhD in a few months and is looking to get involved in more charity
work and community initiatives that seek to empower women.

“I am keen to support community initiatives especially by Zimbabweans in the
diaspora, with the aim of helping the situation in our country. I also want to use the
influence l have to champion charitable causes internationally and get more involved
in charity work on a personal level.”

“I also have a desire to empower gospel artists, especially female gospel artists by
creating platforms that allow women to come out with their full potential and get the
attention they require,” she added.

Jane will be releasing videos for some of her singles on the album and has a number
of shows lined up as part of her promotional tour.

Physical copies can be ordered on Amazon or from agents across the UK. There are
ongoing talks to make it available in stores in Zimbabwe.

Here are some snippets

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