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Sharon Manatsa recently teamed up with her husband Zex Manatsa to launch their first album Friends In Christ. A nine track masterpeace album produced by the sought after music producer “MacDee” MacDonald Chidavaenzi. The launch was a great success with beautiful sound (live band) and engaging praise and worship. MoniqueToday had a chance to get just a few inspirational thoughts from Sharon.

Every artist has a story and remembers when they first fell in love with music. So what’s Sharon’s story?

My mum tells me l used to sing along different songs on the radio with a sharp memory at a very young age as a little girl, then l grew up singing at my local church praise and worship until l met my hubby who comes from a strong musical background and we sort of took it from there, and started getting involved in lots of different projects really.

How would you describe your music?

Multicultural Contemporary Gospel

So when you decided to venture into music, where did your confidence and strength come from?

It sort of happened gradually as we partnered up with hubby we became each other’s pillar of strength in support and motivation which really helped to boost both our confidence to raise our heads high and let the music speak for itself.

Also not forgetting the experience we got along the way through working with other established artists and projects.

What was the hardest challenge you had when you started and how did you overcome it?

Starting itself, making the first move was the toughest because you never feel like you are good enough and knowing the pressures of the industry you always think ooh will l be able to cope, how am l gonna do this or that.

But, my father in-law said fear not, just go for it the rest will fall in place as you go. And here we are.

As a songwriter, what song have you written that best describes you and why?

Tinofamba Munyasha Speaks a lot about our life as a couple, we have been through a lot of ups and downs but through it all we stuck together. It can only be the grace of God because on our own there is no way we would have been able to pull through all that and be testifying.

So do you ever feel you open your life to the world through your music and if so does this not frighten you?

Yes l do, once you start you put yourself in the public eye they have the right to scrutinize your life be it through your music, what you do, and how you carry yourself. You can name it all that makes you vulnerable because being public is not always good. When bad things are said you have to develop a thick skin to be able to cope without allowing the negative to affect you. It is scary but then again if you look at it from that angle you will not do anything.

What are some qualities you believe an artist should have in order to be consistent in the industry?

I am still trying to figure that one out in this musical journey, when l do know l will be happy to share as l will be equipped through experience.

You recently launched Friends in Christ project. Why that name and to what reason?

The purpose was to create a multicultural platform bringing together multi-talented musicians and singers with one voice, celebrating Christ as Friends. The name Friends in Christ has everything to do with a group of friends passionately singing in oneness to exalt the name of Jesus. We we will be coming together annually from all nations to bring down the roof through Gospel Music

Can you describe the feeling you had from when you started till the launch itself?

Priceless as you walk the walk it’s the best feeling ever. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment.

What has been your best moment to date in regards to the project?

Working with my husband, we do have some crazy moments in the making of the project. We work together in the studio. We have our own ups and downs but its all worth it. Recently we planned the launch together. It was amazing to see it through and we achieved our goal.

You have a big team you work with and lead, how do you balance this up with your work and family life?

We are a family style kind of a team. We truly are friends working together in Christ. We all make sacrifices and we understand that l day to day lifestyle has its on challenges. So we try to accommodate each other in order to make it work.

If there was one thing you would hope the community to be more supportive in, what would that be?

We really do need the community to raise awareness to support the industry by attending the shows and buying the music.

So what next for Friends in Christ?

We are looking forward to our Annual Friends in Christ Concert…. keep an eye on Facebook page for more information

Find her on


Facebook: Friends In Christ
iTunes     : Friends In Christ
Spofity    : Friends In Christ
Bookings : +44 7855 340649

Can we have a preview of the album?

Of course


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