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The name of my business is Any Event Cakes and More, I have a shop in Dudley at Plaza Mall. Any Event Cakes and More specialises in bespoke, custom-made cakes, baked goods as well as party desserts for any occasion. Following a long passion of baking from my childhood, Any Event Cakes and More was born. It started off as Any Event Cakes, in 2009, when I decided to start baking as a business. The business idea came as a result of being made to stop working due to being pregnant and was high risk. As I had always baked for family and friends, a close family member offered to buy my cake if I bake her one. That was my first paid job. I was happy that I could make a little money from baking. This went a long way as I was now off work. Just to get enough to cover my ingredients, I made a cake for my neighbours, family and friends.

Initially, my cakes were not competitive

There was a slight problem however with my cakes, there were not competitive. I would search online to see what other bakers were producing and my work was not current. One day I decided to look online for cake decorating classes, luckily managed to get a number for Wolverhampton adult college as they had Sugar craft classes. When l inquired about the classes they told me that although the classes were full, I could be shortlisted. I got short listed. Two days later l got a phone call that changed my life. There was a cancellation on the Monday morning lessons. Therefore, to reserve my place I had to pay. This was an amazing opportunity. I could not miss it for anything. The rest is history.

All this happened when my son was only a baby, as such childcare was a challenge but that did not stop me from attending class.

Posting cakes on Facebook

I did the short course and started by posting my cakes on Facebook. To build my profile l would gift cake to friends and family. Unfortunately I had to leave my portfolio unfinished because l lost my father in Zimbabwe. I got back to finish the course before the due date so l could be certified.

I had qualified, l was passionate as well as the zeal to decorate cakes however, there were so many challenges. The journey has not been easy but l made it a conscious decision to embrace the challenges. What gave me the courage to go on was that l strongly believed “I could do all things through Christ who strengthens me and still do. Countless times l have had cake disasters leading cakes to re dos. The worst one was a wedding cake that collapsed on the way to the venue. I remember rushing to one of the outlets (name withheld) to buy a ready decorated cake. I put it together to make up for the mishap and at least have a “replacement” cake displayed on the day. I am glad to say it never happened again and my prayer is that it will never happen.

The highlight of my career so far was winning Cake Decorator of the Year award for All Women Achievers 2016.

I had my confidence boosted. The the thought that people nominated and very voted for me meant everything to me. People’s actions humbled me because l did not expect the win. I believe in hard-working and hard-working is what my journey has always been. I studied Food and Consumer Management and passed well. I will be graduating on the 29th of this month. I believe knowledge in power and education is and investment.

Now l own shop in Dudley. Managing the business and doubling up in doing the cakes has been demanding but things are slowly starting to take shape. My main challenge at the shop is getting people to understand that in as much as I enjoy making cakes, I am running a business, have lots of overheads and that the money has to come from the sales I make.

The aim now is to grow my business and get regular customers. Although l still need to sort out a few business issues, l believe in time I will be well-known brand. I intend to get myself into the market place by entering more competitions, get bigger orders so I make the most of my career.

Please feel free to visit my page Any Event Cakes and More or visit the shop in Plaza Mall Dudley. We sell sweets, cupcakes, customised cakes, desserts, always made with love. 


Facebook: Any Event Cakes
iTunes     : Plaza Mall ,33-34 High Street, Dudley
Orders     : +44 7578 236324

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